7 Reasons You Should Be Good At ‘English Communication’

‘English as The Official Language’ has already been accepted in major countries in the world and also ‘Major Number of Countries’ are gradually being inclined towards accepting the ‘English Language’ as the ‘Official Language’ for communicating to the rest of the world. So while the truth is that, can we neglect English and expect to flourish in any field when it comes to communicating with overseas Institutions or Organizations or even persons?
Let’s take a case study. Balindar Singh a Punjabi with a Non-English background, after securing the M. Tech degree from Delhi University got a job in a multinational company and sent to China but, the Chinese company reported against Balindar as an inefficient one and asked to send someone real competent. He came back to India and lost his job. Then after spending 2 years in India working as an engineer in a firm, he gets a good job in Dubai, working for 3 years there he managed to get a job in the USA and finally he settled there.
So why he was dismissed? Just because of his ‘lack of communication skill’ in English. When he was sent to China he was not supposed to speak in ‘Chinese/Punjabi’ language, the only language of communication was English. How could he finally manage to flourish? While spending 2 Years in India, he mastered in ‘Spoken and Written English’. That’s the key to his success. So let’s discuss why we cannot ignore English and what are the compelling reasons that urge one to be a flamboyant English speaker and writer.
1) For Studying Overseas: If you are a Non-Native English speaker and have a ‘Non-English Medium’ background your English communication skill is bound to be lackluster. Now if you want to go for higher studies, all the reputed books are written in English which will be the first hurdle for that. If you manage to clear this hurdle, it is taken for granted that you are capable of writing in English, though with some limitations. What are they? It is for sure that you can write in English on your subjects of study, but can you write anything, an application an email or a review in well-composed English? Most probably ‘No’ is the answer. Moreover often ‘Higher Study’ is furthered to ‘Researches’ and a researcher must have a profound depth of ‘English Knowledge’, as he needs to write a lot, needs to read his papers on seminars and so on. If you are researching on ‘Physics’, ‘Biology’ or any other subject the language you need to use is English. Contrary to this fact a few cases are there when one is researching in a particular ‘Language’ like ‘Sanskrit’ or ‘Urdu’ or some else other than ‘English’ he need not know English, but the examples are sheer a handful. Depth in English is a must for higher study in almost all cases. As this is an ‘accepted general case’, students opting for higher studies abroad from ‘Non-English Speaking Countries’, need to clear at least one test of ‘Proficiency in English Knowledge’, which judges the depth of knowledge of the student on both ‘Spoken and Written English’. Actually each of these exams. has set a ‘Benchmark of World Standard’, a student passes out successfully means he has got the right kind of depth to go for higher studies to any ‘English Speaking Country’.

2) For Getting An Overseas Job In Any ‘English Speaking Country’: We have sighted a case study of Balindar Singh a person with a ‘Non-English Background’. He learned from his bitter experience and bounced back with flamboyance. But isn’t it wise to prepare in such a way so that one does not have to have a bitter experience? While you are pursuing an overseas job, your ‘Application’ will be in English and needless to mention your ‘Interview’ will be carried out in English. Whatever you do in your office you would have to do in English. The substance of the discussion reiterates the fact that, if you go for an ‘Overseas Job’ to an English Speaking Country you have to have an optimum level English knowledge, which means you are proficient in both spoken and written English to continue your job successfully and promote your career to a brighter one.

3) You are working in a Multinational Company: In such a case there is a high probability that your company may send you for a foreign trip and it’s your flare of English knowledge is to decide whether you are going to be promoted or sacked (under worst-case scenario). Making a career in a multinational company is a dream for job hunters, without proficiency in English getting a high return on such a company is literally impossible and if you manage to get one without a sound knowledge of English, your prospect of growth is very low. You might see your juniors overtake you by mere English communication skills. It must be disheartening for you, won’t it be?

4) If you want to spread your business across the world: If you are a businessman and you want to spread your business across the border you must be aware that each and every proceeding for Export or Import are carried out in English only, of course, barring a few exceptions. As we all know, ‘Exception Proves the Rule’, the case is similar here. Say you are a man from South Korea and you want to Import Coffee from Brazil, what do you expect to be the language for written and verbal communication? English of course. You want to trade with the USA, U.K. or any other English Speaking Country again the language for written and verbal communication will be English. So, in any case, you ought to be a ‘Proficient Communicator’ in English or you hire an ‘Interpreter’ for communicating, but remember the interpreter will not translate in your mother tongue.

5) You are an Artist with International Fame: If you are an Artist or a Celebrity with International reputation, you visit different countries for presenting ‘Live Shows’, you have to speak before the ‘Audience’ in English, your interview will be taken in English, If instead, you hire an Interpreter to translate what you want to say, wouldn’t that stain your image? Wouldn’t that harm your stature?

6) You are a Famous Player: Say you are a ‘Cricketer’ or a ‘Footballer’ or a ‘Tennis Player’ and you can’t speak English. The case might be even more complicated if you are a ‘Captaining’ your team and you are on the microphone, the whole world is listening to you, which language you are supposed to deliver your speech in? If you deliver in your mother tongue, it would certainly be damaging to your image. So you must speak English. Many of the emerging players have found to speak in his mother tongue but after being a successful and reputed one, he also found to speak in English.

7) You are a tourist an explorer: Yes you are a tourist or an explorer, venturing new places is your passion or might be your profession. You got to have an optimum level of knowledge of English. You may even have to face such a situation where you will get a local ‘Guide cum Interpreter’ who translates from local language to English, so if you don’t know English you are in trouble, big trouble.
There might be tens of more reasons to learn English, we have covered the most basic reasons. Whatever may be the reason knowing English up to the desired level always keeps one a step ahead in the race. If you are a good salesperson with proficiency in English you will push through like a ‘knife in the butter’ just because of your English speaking skill and others will lag behind. There are quite some countries in the world where ‘English’ is not announced as the ‘Official Language’, but almost all official correspondences are made in English only. So unofficially the English language has silently become the ‘Official Language’ of several countries. In real-life situations, persons with proficiency in English are always ahead in the race in this rapidly changing world moreover his social status achieves a higher level with people counting him as a very educated person. Millions of immigrants who travel the world from non-English-speaking countries every year, learning to communicate in English is the major key to success in mainstream English speaking countries. Proficiency in the English language can open the door for alluring job opportunities in international markets.