Many Ways to Enhance Your ‘English Communication Skill’..

Many Ways to Enhance Your ‘English Communication Skills’…

Without any dissent, while pursuing the dream of making an ‘International Career’ or even ‘A prestigious career’ one has to have an ‘Excellent English communication skill’. English is ‘The Official Language of Communication’ around the world. A ‘Poor English Speaker’ is sure to be discarded in the first ‘appearance’, on an ‘Interview’. A ‘Non-Native English Speaker’ is not supposed to born with great ‘English Communication Skills,’ So to have enough command over the language, he needs to learn the language in a systematic way. Let’s discuss some practical, step-by-step ways for developing English communication skills.

1) Learn the basic English language: A good student of a ‘Standard’ English medium school is one step ahead, with good command over both written and spoken English. If you are not one of them, then its’ a learning process you will have to pass through. Learning English is not all about cramming grammar books, but you must have the right grammatical knowledge with a sense of constructing ‘Correct’ sentences, proper usage of ‘Tense’. Read ‘Good Grammar Books’, ‘Good Essays’ in order to develop your fundamental knowledge.

2) Read Daily English Newspaper: It will enable you to perceive ‘Constructing correct sentences’, ‘Narrating events’. The News Paper ‘Editorials’ are useful resources of ‘Ornamental English Language’. Read them to stay acquainted with the most updated ‘English Language’.

3) Enrich your vocabulary: While studying daily newspaper, you will come across dozens of new words, write them down, consult a dictionary and write the meaning. Following a ‘Standard English Dictionary’ and understanding word meanings, synonyms, and antonyms will enrich your vocabulary a lot. Gradually you will notice that you can comprehend the language in depth.

4) Listen and watch English News and Movies: Listening to English news, ‘Listening and Watching’ English movies will help you better understand the language a lot. Watching the ‘News reader’s lips’ will make you aware of ‘Lip movements’ while speaking in English, its’ an art surely to be acquired.

5) Start writing on your own: Read an essay or an article, grasp the idea of the content, don’t cram it, now write yourself. Compare it with the original content, get the errors rectified by yourself. It will be even better if you get a ‘Knowledgeable’ person to help you out.

6) Start thinking in English: It is an inevitable part of expertise in English communication. ‘Non-Native English speakers’, especially at the learning phase first thing in mother tongue then try to translate into English. This is a wrong habit; a damaging one. Assuming that you have learned some English, it’s now time to think in English, talk to yourself in English. The result will amaze you. When you talk to someone, your thoughts will be conveyed into speech spontaneously.

7) Pronunciation: This is one of the most important parts of ‘English’ communication, a wrong pronunciation changes the meaning of the word. Follow and imitate pronunciations of ‘English News Readers’, ‘English Quiz-masters’ or ‘Renowned English Journalists’, for adapting the right pronunciation. A very handy and ‘Inexpensive home remedy’ to improve your pronunciation is, collect some quality audio files from the Internet or wherever. Listen to the audios and write them down, now read aloud and record your voice, compare with the original, rectify yourself, you will improve much faster than expected and that too without any external help.

8) Start speaking slowly, distinctly: Start speaking English shrugging off all the hesitations, talk with your friends or members of your family irrespective of their response. Speak slowly, don’t rush, speak distinctly don’t murmur, be confident and talk on a subject you know something about. Now assuming that you are an educated person all the above steps will take a few months to push you up to the desired level from where you can focus absolutely on becoming a better communicator. Be a member of a free online ‘English Conversation’ class.

9) Join a Reputed Institute: Its’ an integral part of the life for any person fostering the art of success in the competitive world to achieve an ‘Excellent Standard’. If you are all set to venture out for a lucrative ‘International’ career, you should join a reputed institute for mastering in ‘Business English‘ or ‘Professional English Conversation’. There are many reputed institutes. You have to pick the best one wisely. Students who want to study abroad like countries in the USA, Canada, the U.K or so on need to qualify some standard assessment tests like TOEFL, IELTS or other such tests of the same standard. While assessing these tests, students need to prove their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. To become an ‘Expert’ in ‘English Communication’ the institutes teach students providing CDs, Books, and ‘Study Materials’. Stress is given on ‘Grammatical Knowledge’, ‘Vocabulary’ and one to one interaction with a ‘Certified Examiner’. A student who manages to clear at least one of these exams is sure to achieve a great ‘English Communication Skill’ and ‘Good proficiency in the English language’.

Training institutes compel the students to speak on a wide range topics. An assessment is made on the basis of student’s performance. So, while preparing yourself, practicing real-life conversations with ‘English Speaking,’ people help a lot. Another great way to improve the listening and speaking English is talking over the phone with strangers. Make a call at different ‘Toll-free’ numbers and ask for information to get a ‘highly beneficial’ practice free of cost. It will act as a confidence booster too. Any diligent student of a reputed institute with a strong inclination towards achieving perfection would bound to develop great ‘Communication Skill’ ensuring a smooth venture to a promising career as a proficient speaker.