Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your College Life

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your College Life

Perhaps college days are the best period in your entire life. You will never forget the moments for your whole life that you spent at your college. We all enjoyed every moment of our college life.

But, if you look in hindsight then we will realize that we did many mistakes when we were in college. When I look at my college life in hindsight, I realized that there were some mistakes that I should not have done.

So, if you are a college-going guy then you should also avoid the following 10 mistakes which I did during my college days.

1. Frivolous Attitude Towards Your Academics

Usually, students go to college for just enjoyment. I mean to say, they carry a frivolous attitude towards their academics. I am not saying that one should not have any sort of fun in college life.

However, taking studies too lightly is the most common mistake that a student makes in his or her college life. Thus, I recommend all students reading this blog and have fun in college but in a limit.

With fun, they should also concentrate on their studies. So, do not take your academics too lightly as it cost you heavily in the later stages of your life.

2. Not Being Able to Clear Each Semester’s Exams on Time

If you are not appearing for exams held for each semester then you are doing a big blunder. This trend is very common in colleges that students do NOT clear their exams held after every semester. They try to pass it on to the next semester.

We call this as “Backlog”. Carrying a Backlog for every semester could prove disastrous for your entire course. If Backlogs add up then you could not clear these exams in just one sitting. Thus you have to extend your course for more than 1 to 2 years.

Instead of getting a degree in 4 years now you will get in 6 years, it simply means you wasted 2 precious years of your career.

Therefore, clear each semester’s exam at the right time rather than pending it and piling up your Backs.

3. Not Engaging in Interaction with Lecturers and Professors

You will be doing a serious mistake if you are not engaging with your lecturers and professors. If you sit dully on the last bench of your classroom then your lecturers would never come to know you.

Those students who are not interactive in their classroom are overlooked by their lecturers. You might find difficult if you have any doubt or you want to know something directly from your professors.

Never remain cut off with lecturers of your class. If you do this mistake then you might be ignored by them.

4. Not Staying in Touch with Future Job Opportunities and Employment News

Do not throw away your life while you are in college. I mean to say you have to stay in touch with all the developments that are going inside the job market.

You need to be aware of job opportunities and employment news that are related to your degree course. If you are doing an engineering course in computer science then you must find out about companies and what they are asking when they recruit a fresh candidate.

You need to know what qualification and other skills they demand before giving a job. Are you prepared for what they are asking? If you think, after coming out of college you will get a job then you are fooling yourself.

To get a job you need to prepare yourself, long before. Hence, start preparing in college from now on and never leave for the last day.

5. Preparation for Your Final Year Project NOT in Advance

You have to submit your project in the final year of a bachelor’s course. Never take this project lightly. If you do not complete it on time then it will have serious repercussions on your future career.

Whenever you graduate and go out in search of a job, the first thing a recruiter would ask is about your project. They would like to know what your project was and how you did it.

Only after knowing about your project they might consider you giving a job. So take your project seriously and complete it on time.

6. Neither Ragging nor Isolationist

In your college, out of fear of ragging do not become isolationist. I mean to say, if you do not give ragging then seniors might isolate you from the rest of the students. If ragging is playful and just a way to introduce yourself then you can give, otherwise, do not.

Thus, I want to say with the fear of ragging do not isolate yourself from the rest of the students in your class.

I am strictly against the ragging system & I think you should not try to rag your juniors. Sometimes there might be very bad consequences of this attitude. Better watch ‘Table No 21’ to know this.

7. Ignoring College Canteen & Library

Canteen and library of a college are the two places where all intellectual debate starts. You cannot afford to be absent in all those debates taking place between your friends in a canteen or a library.

Canteen and library are the places in the college where you share your thoughts with others and come up with some revolutionary ideas.

So, never ignore these two places.

8. Bunking Classes

I hope you are mature enough to understand that bunking classes could be the worst mistake that a student can commit.

Never bunk classes and give your full attendance. I do hope you do not fall in the category in which students bunk classes without guilt.

9. Forgetting to Attend Final Year Thanks-Giving Party

In my college life, I forgot to attend the final year thanks-giving party. I still repent even today not being able to attend the final year party in my college life.

You should never commit this mistake and attend not just the final year party but all other co-curricular activities in your college.

10. Remembering Your College Friends

Finally, on a lighter note I would say, never forget your college friends. In your college life, you always make new friends.

I never forget my best college friends. We still meet with our families on a get-together and other occasions.

College friends are the best friends forever.