When is the Right Time for Career Planning?

When is the Right Time for Career Planning?

Career planning is a growing phenomenon among the younger generation. Today, they are very concerned about their careers than they were before.

Not just young students and graduates but also working professionals, even they are showing interest in career planning.

Hence, what would be the right time for career planning? What I mean is when you should start planning your career. Starting at the right time is crucial for shaping a better future. You need to know when is the right time you can start planning about a career.

Moreover, there are other aspects regarding the timings of career planning. In this article, we shall discuss it one by one.

What is Career Planning?

Let us know what career planning exactly is? Career planning is a way to plan or strategize your future on a long term basis. Unlike, thinking on day to day basis here we plan for the long term.

Career planning also includes the consultation of parents along with the child or student itself. Parents and the child sit together to decide which career path could suit the child most. We will elaborate on this point later in this article.

But for now, career planning would also include a career counselor. He or she will guide you in choosing a career that is going to be best for you.

So career planning it a ROADMAP where you chalk out the plan about your future in advance.

Why You Need Career Planning?

Career planning is very important, not just for students but also for professionals who are experienced. For a student, the right career planning could save him from going haywire. It means the student is not going to be lost in myriads of career options. With career planning, he can choose an exact career that would suit him the best.

On the other hand, career planning for an experienced professional could guide him to explore other career opportunities that he was missing until now. An experienced professional could go for a career where he could get more money as well as happiness.

Hence career planning is beneficial for students as well as experienced persons.

When you should start planning your career?

I think this is the very title of our article when you should start planning your career? The simple answer would be when you realize the importance of career planning. However, it is not that simple.

Timing is very important to start career planning. If you miss the right time then you might fail to shape your career the way you wanted to be.

The right time for students would be when they are in high school. A child with his or her parents should start visiting a career counselor for a planning career.

If you are working professional then you could start planning anywhere in the middle of your ongoing career.

Who all should be Involved in Planning?

As I said earlier, along with the child, parents and his or her teacher should also be included. But the key person that must be involved in planning a career should be the career counselor himself. With a counselor, you cannot plan your career.

Career counselor, in consultation with the child’s parent, will guide the child’s career. It is the counselor’s role to give all the information and other details regarding the career you want to choose. He or she may not try to hide anything from the counselor and vice versa.

Therefore, entities that should be included in career planning are the child itself, the counselor, the child’s parent and the teachers of the child.

Is a Career Counselor Needed for Planning?

Off course! Without a career counselor, you cannot plan your career. So the question is just to point the importance of a career counselor.

Career counselor has an in-depth understanding of any career that a child would like to opt. It is a career counselor that is going to tell you how you should plan for your future.

The counselor will also tell the positives and negatives of a child. After examining the child, the counselor will tell about the career that will suit him the most.

So career planning is not possible without a career counselor.

What are Those Things that you have to keep in Mind While Planning Your Career?

Here, I am talking about just one thing and that is money. To plan a career of a child when it is in high school, the first thing a parent has to keep in mind is the MONEY.

It will take at least 10 to 15 years before he starts earning. So until then, parents have to spend money on their education.

Moreover, if the child decides to go abroad then further expenses are added.

Therefore, parents have to add up all these expenses and start planning to meet all expenditures.

Does Career Planning Work all the Time?

This is a very intriguing question, does career planning works. This is a genuine question that after spending so much on a career counselor does career planning worked for the child.

Well! I will share the truth. Normally, career planning does work however you cannot leave everything upon a career counselor. The maximum role of a counselor could be guiding you or giving the right information.

But the hard work that is required has to be done by the child itself. If a child is not willing to work hard then he or she cannot blame the counselor for the failure. Neither parent could be blamed.

If a child takes guidance from a counselor and implements it, combined with the hard work then the child will be successful.

Hence, career planning does work.


Finally, in concluding remarks I would say the right time for planning a child’s career would be when he or she is in high school. As far as a working professional is concerned then you can plan anywhere in the middle of your career.

I would add one more point here that it is very common that parents sometimes overlook the will of the child and force their own beliefs on the child. Parents should never do that and always give weight-age to the child’s point of view.

Career planning is very essential and yes it does work.